Note From Administration 2014

As all devotees may recall, Government of Karnataka, having appointed me as Administrator to SVM (order no : RD MUDAPRA 2002 ; dated :26-5-2012), extended the appointment (order no : RD 34 MUSEVI 2014 ; dated :24-5-2014). It may not be out of place to remind ourselves that the this appointment was made due to financial irregularities, mismanagement and illegal alienation of matha properties. To stem the rot, we have introduced a transparent accounting system and proper checks & balances have been put into place to ensure devotees’ hard earned money does not end up in some scamster’s pockets. This move to publish matha’s income & expense sheet on the matha’s website and magazine, apparently seems to have ticked a few people off. It’s sad that the same set of people were not raising as much as a whimper when crores of rupees in cash and property were being misappropriated and are now creating a ruckus. As of December 2014, amount saved, after expenditure is close to 2 crore Rupees (Rs. 1,82,32,763/-). This is over a period of 31 months. I would leave it to the reader’s imagination, the amount of money that has been usurped over the years..

There has been some rumors doing the rounds over the state of affairs in Tirumala. It has been alleged that after the Administrator’s appointment Tirumala has become a den for gamblers.In fact the report of the Vigilance & Security Officer, TTD, Tirupati as to what had happened in the earlier regime will sum up the sad story (Document attached). On the contrary, Tirumala choultry has been cleansed of elements whose activities were not conducive to a religious organization. A transparent advance room booking facility with Bangalore One has made it very convenient for devotees visiting Tirumala and has been welcomed by one and all.

Aradhana of SVM guru parampara yatigalu at Srirangam, Sosale, Tirumalakudlu & Penkonda have been celebrated every year with aplomb and fervor. No such aradhana celebrations in any of 24 branches has ever been stopped(Only 24 out of 53 branches are in possession of the Administrator). Special socio-religuous functions are also held at the gandhibazar branch.

For all those that had an appetite for knowledge, sermons and writings are two major sources. Both of these were prominently missing. As Administrator, we’ve thence revived ‘Tatvachandrika’ magazine and also regular discourses are arranged at Gandhibazaar and for those that find it difficult to travel to the matha, the same have been made available online – Close to 30 pravachana series’ by various scholars, adding upto close to 2GB of space have been uploaded on the website. Both, the magazine and the pravachanas can be downloaded by devotees.

To sum it all, we’re happy to be serving the devotees and are open to suggestions to improve the functioning of the matha. But baseless allegations and endeavour to malign the functioning will not be tolerated. Any attempts to bring the Institution to disrepute will be dealt with a stern hand. We would also like to draw your attention to the Action taken report (Document attached) which will give a better understanding for all concerned. Finally, I would be interested to hear from you the feed back and suggestions as to how the administration can be improved further. Please address all your comments to and I also intend to hold an open house on 31st January 2015 at 12 Noon. Interested devotees may register their names in the Gandhibazaar Matha, before Thursday 5PM to ensure we have a fruitful discussion.

Warm Regards
K Jairaj
Administrator, Govt of Karnataka,
Sri Vyasaraja Matha, Sosale

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